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LOCATION – NE Portland  |  PROJECT – Front Entry Stair

JPI was called in to fix this first attempt on the entry steps of this 1904 multiplex. The project required demolition of the recently completed work. This demo included the concrete steps and the new railing system.

We’ve worked with these clients on other properties. In this case, the entry stairs foundation was starting to show some structural integrity issues due to improper preparation of the grounds, reinforcing inside the forms and pouring of the concrete.

With all the concrete and railings removed, we started from scratch. Ground was properly compacted, form work installed with the correct rebar work followed. Once the forms were complete, we followed up with custom steel posts to slip inside the soon to be new railing system.

Concrete work was allowed to cure and then crew installed a period correct code compliant railing and handrail system. This one is going to last!