Residential Construction Services in Portland, Oregon


When it comes to your home, it is one of the most important investments of your life, and you want that investment to be well worth the money in a variety of ways. Because you and your family will be living in the house, it is critical that the structure itself provides safety and security and that the home itself is also comfortable for everyone who lives in it. You and your family’s personality should be present throughout the home, and when you walk through the door, you should experience a sense of calm and relaxation that no other place can provide. 


Whether you are considering new construction, want to remodel an existing part of your home, or even need to add another room or floor to your home, it is essential that you work with an experienced residential construction team to guide you through the process and complete the project efficiently. 


At James Poggi Inc., we want to be your residential construction company, and we can assure you that we will meet and exceed your expectations. Our team is available for new construction, renovation projects, and restoration and repair services. 


Our Portland Residential Construction Services


The construction professionals at James Poggi Inc. have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you with a variety of residential construction projects. We are dedicated to highly detailed work and keeping you up-to-date on your project at all times. Our residential construction services include:


New Construction



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When you are building a new home, there are so many factors that need to be considered and decisions that must be made in various parts of the home. Plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, materials, and many more things will have to be discussed with your construction team before the project can be started. At James Poggi Inc., our construction experts have the knowledge and experience to know how many decisions need to be made and can guide you through the construction process so that you get the home you have always wanted.



Renovations and Remodels



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Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, garage, living space, or any other area of your home, a renovation or remodeling project can truly bring your home to the next level. The project can bring you and your family more enjoyment from the renovated space, and you will also be increasing the inherent value of your home should you ever decide to sell it. 

Again, just like with new construction, you will need to make a variety of decisions on parts of the room that will be renovated. Will you be putting a new whirlpool tub in the bathroom? That may need new plumbing. Different flooring in the kitchen? You may also have to change the cabinets to which the floors are attached. Our team will help you work through all of the aspects that will be renovated in the room and provide you with as many options as you would like.


Restoration and Repair



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Has your home been damaged by fire, water, or another kind of disaster? It may need our restoration and repair services. In addition to restoring your home to its previous state, we will also check for side effects of the original damage. If your home has been flooded, you will obviously need the water to be extracted, but it is also important that your restoration company also checks for mold development that may be the result of dampness remaining on the floors, ceilings, walls, insulation, or any other area. Our construction team can help you with all of these aspects of the repair process.


Contact Our Portland, Oregon, Construction Experts


If you own a home or would like to build a house in Portland, Oregon, contact our construction professionals at James Poggi Inc. Our mission is to take on and complete challenging large and small construction and remodeling projects and do it with a human touch. We thrive on a complex renovation, but equally important to us is how our team conducts business on the job site and in the office. 


The team is known for our highly detailed work and for keeping our customers well informed every step of the way. Our experts will use their expert knowledge of construction and distinct understanding of Oregon’s climate and regulations to advise you as our client and set you on the correct path toward complete satisfaction with our construction work.


At James Poggi Inc. in Portland, Oregon, we work on residential projects with warmth, wit, honesty, integrity, and transparency. We supply expert knowledge and help you hammer out a plan that fits your budget and your vision. Our construction professionals will give you an honest evaluation of the cost and scope of the work you want done to make sure we are the right fit, then we will earn your trust through crystal-clear communication, excellent information. and a service-oriented approach. 


Contact us today to learn more about our home construction process and to start discussing your next construction project in Portland, Oregon.