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Sellwood, Portland, Oregon Residential Restoration Services

On this project we took a crouched stair passage to a semi useable second floor and turned it into a fully functioning family room with an upgraded bath. Now there’s plenty of room for even the tallest of guests to enjoy comfortably. All done while keeping with the original style and design of this historical Sellwood area home.

We removed the rear roof sections and created an enlarged opening for the stairwell. With new clearances, headroom and open spaces, this upper area begins to take shape.

In place of the head busting skylights are now large open windows with a view of the garden. The previously cramped bathroom is now quite luxurious with a much more expansive space. The remodeled space now complete with higher ceilings, new windows, open concept and an exceptional new bath space.

The new staircase features plenty of headroom in a very useable layout. Doors, trim, siding, soffits, columns all installed in period matching profiles and details.