Our Team

James Poggi

Owner and Proprietor

Confident, good-natured and always fun to work with, Jim Poggi has won the trust of countless happy clients with his clear vision, sound advice, follow through and ability to deliver on promises. Known as a Master Carpenter and experienced general contractor, Jim is a resident of Portland for more than 40 years. His experience building complex projects in the area is one of the main reasons clients and other building professionals consider Jim an expert tradesman and trusted businessman.

Amy Meyrovich

Executive Assistant

Amy joined our team in 2014 and plays a leading role in communications between our office, clients and subcontractors — a very important part of our formula for success. Amy makes sure our clients can connect with Jim and stay well informed throughout the construction process. She also communicates with our experienced network of subcontractors ensuring they are well supplied, well informed and provide timely performance on all projects.

Cecily Geddes

Administrative Manager

Cecily joined our team and is a natural fit for the world of construction. She serves as the go-to person for our vendors and subcontractors when it comes to invoicing and billing. Cecily has added a new dimension to the daily operations and contributes greatly to our functioning as a team.

Andria Cruz

Administrative Assistant

Andria has helped modernize our marketing and accounting processes. She handles matters of customer service and general office work. She’s a true team player and tackles each project with enthusiasm.

Our History

For more than 35 years, Jim Poggi has carefully crafted his reputation as a master builder and superior general contractor. His keen eye for detail and experience as a problem-solver have earned him the distinction of being “the professional that other professionals consult.” He founded James Poggi Construction Inc. in 1998 to serve clients who are willing to forego shortcuts and go the extra mile to make sure their finished project is in line with their original vision. This approach has helped James Poggi Inc. build a portfolio of outstanding, eye-catching projects and a long list of satisfied, repeat customers. “As a general contractor, it’s part of my job to help the owner visualize the end result . . . to make the process as exciting as their vision. Homeowners need not obsess over the frustrating details. That’s my job. They need to keep their eyes on the final goal. And I know I won’t stop until we reach it.”


We spent a lot of time interviewing lots of contractors to handle our addition, as the project was substantial. From the start, Jim stood out from the rest. Great input at the first walk-through. Comprehensive early phase pricing and top-notch management of the entire work force from start to finish. No, he wasn’t the least expensive. He was simply the best. Promises made by Jim were promises kept. — Michael N., residential remodel customer

I’ve been in this trade for 21 years, and of all the different builders I’ve worked with, Jim is the best. It has to be perfect or it’s a no go. I’d probably need to go through another 100 builders to find another one like him. — Tom Lopez, 31 Years

Jim is particular about his workers being on time because he has a schedule to keep. Even on our 3-month remodel job, Jim stayed on schedule. He did it on time and on budget.” — Michelle B., residential remodel customer

One of the things I really appreciate about Jim’s projects is that everything is clean and organized. Jim is very efficient and everything runs smoothly. — Marc C., Sales Representative, Chown Hardware

Meet with him for just one hour and you’ll know he’s the right one for your job. I’d recommend him any day of the week. — Terri W., New Construction

Thank you SO much for making such an effort to get us plans tonight. Honestly, they’re all beautiful workable options. I didn’t realize so much was possible with that space! — Juliet J., residential remodel customer

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