Stairs Done Right

This slideshow shows progression of stairs done improperly into stairs done right with proper preparation.

Proper preparation yields a solid result.

Stair Framing – Take your time and be thorough…Generally speaking, when rebuilding concrete steps, it is imperative to provide a proper foundation. Form supports, placed properly will prevent the frame from bowing when you pour the concrete. Being careful when it comes to these details ensures a smooth process.

Area Protection – An extra step can prevent extra clean up…Having proper protection in place prior to pouring the concrete can save you steps during clean up. As careful as one approaches the process, it is always a good idea to provide additional plastic protection around the area to eliminate splashing onto unintended surfaces. It also helps you steer clear of other detrimental issues.

Finish Concrete – Solid prep makes for a smooth finish…A finishing factor to consider is the drying time. Drying time can vary de to characteristics of an individual concrete mix as well as the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment. Pay attention to the excess water that will collect on the surface of the concrete. Evaporation of this water tells you where the concrete is in drying process. All in all, the effort put forth in careful site preparation, and the accurate form work will provide a much greater dividend in the appearance of the finished concrete.

Railings Installed – Wood railings on concrete…Installing steel posts prior to pouring of the concrete will ensure that you have a multitude of creative options when it comes to your wood railing without sacrificing strength and longevity. With the job pictured, we were able to build out a wood railing that complimented the exterior of the building as well as followed code; matching style and function for a lasting result.

MAKE IT LAST – Between the accurate formwork, protecting the surrounding area and the carful pouring, you will set yourself up for a long-lasting and trouble-free new entry to your property.

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